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NYSSBA "Be the Change for Kids" Award
Chenango Forks was proud to receive this award for innovation in education from the New York State School Boards Association - one of only three awarded statewide!

Award Criteria
We’re looking for school districts that have created 21st-century learning model programs which meet one or more of these criteria:
  • Enhance student curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and/or civic responsibility.
  • Can be replicated in other comparable school districts at an affordable cost.
  • Can be sustained over time.
  • Have the potential to be adapted for other grade levels.
  • Relate to or prepare students for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers.
  • Lead to be better opportunities and greater success for students.
What exactly is the STEAM Academy?
What is STEAM and how is it different from STEM education? And just what is the STEAM Academy?

Chenango Forks, after some initial research, found that the P-Tech program, which was born in NYC, could be enhanced in both its scope and application.  In response to this, we at Chenango Forks have developed our own School to Business model.

A program will be developed and implemented where Chenango Forks High School students will have the opportunity to have both classroom and internship opportunities as part of a program in Central New York aimed at supporting growth in local businesses and industries, as well as preparing Chenango Forks students for high-skills jobs in technology, manufacturing, healthcare and media.

Chenango Forks High School, in cooperation with local businesses and industries, will provide a trained entry-level work force capable of supporting the productivity of specific businesses and industries in Central New York while at the same time encouraging these students to stay in Central New York.

STEAM Academy Goals...
Goal #1 
To develop a collaborative relationship between Chenango Forks High School and local businesses and industries to develop a robust STEAM curriculum. 

Objective #1.1 – District and Industry leaders meet to discuss potential partnerships and collaboration in STEAM curriculum development. 

Objective #1.2 – District and Industry leaders meet to discuss the necessary resources, educational and other, required to realize the CFSTB STEAM Academy vision.
Goal #2 
To create a variety of internship opportunities for Chenango Forks High School students in local businesses and industries to train entry-level technicians in preparation for full time employment after secondary or post-secondary graduation.

Objective #2.1 – District and Industry leaders meet to discuss the logistics of internship opportunities and partnerships in order to create entry-level technicians capable of assuming responsibilities within those industries upon graduation. 

Objective#2.2 - District and Industry leaders meet to discuss the necessary personnel and resources required to make these practical internship opportunities a reality.
Our Partners

We would like to thank and acknowledge our partners for the 2016/2017 academic year.
1 Gordon Drive Binghamton, NY 13901  •  Phone: 607.648.7543  •  Fax: 607.648.7560
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