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Fashion design class learns STEAM concepts by studying armor

Students in Keith Rosko’s fashion design course learned that there is more to clothing design than creating fashionable outfits.

Army Sgt. Matthew Tullis, visited the class to discuss the importance of the science and design of body armor used by military personnel after the class spent a week discussing the evolution of body armor from ancient civilizations to the present and how thing such as scientific advancement and culture affected how armor was designed.

The key to creating effective body armor, the class learned, is to balance ease movement, protection/practicality and weight. Many of those requirements were solved with engineering, whether the armor design itself, or its component materials.

Students were invited to try on Tullis’ armored vest and were surprised with how light the vest felt once it was worn, opposed to its weight when held.

The presentation aimed to give students a more technical explanation as to how contemporary armor protects a person and how even present-day armor designers still rely on basic engineering concepts that ancient designers struggled with. 
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