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Reports, presentations becoming high-tech in fifth-grade

One of the most disdained parts of growing up was the dreaded book report. With technology becoming more of a necessity in education, teachers are turning to tech to help make reports and presentations fun.

Each fifth-grader chose either their favorite author, or any author they have read, to write about for their report. Students researched their author and created a presentation using Google Docs.

The project was similar to using programs like PowerPoint with the added benefit of document accessibility from any computer and an auto-save feature that ensured students wouldn’t lose progress on their project.

Fortunately for many students, learning how to use the program was an easy task. When asked what the hardest part of the project was, many said that creating the works cited page gave them difficulty. The fifth-graders understood that when they move on to middle school next year, there will be bigger, more complicated projects ahead, and learning how to easily create presentations now will help them out in the long run. 
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