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Juniors, seniors sled for science

Sabrina Laine's physics classes ventured out into the cold and snow for the eighth-semi-annual Sledding Day to collect scientific data. 

Each class measured the length and incline of the hill in the CFE playground and students were timed as they slid down the hill on sleds. The fastest time recorded was a speed of 17 miles per hour and acceleration of 1.75 meters per second, squared.  

The data was used to calculate the coefficient of friction, which is a number that signifies the amount of friction between the sleds and snow. Students employed Newton's Second Law and the equation of acceleration to determine the fastest time recorded had a coefficient of friction of 0.105. The smaller the number, the less friction is present.  

Once students gathered the information needed to make the calculations, they spent the rest of the class period sledding on the hill. 

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