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Voice Recognition

11th Grade

This is the year we review American culture through many different media forms-print text like essays, speeches, dramas, and novels; visual text like films, advertisements, photographs, and paintings, and audio texts like songs, readings, and speeches.
Our goal is to examine America through other artists' eyes and then evaluate their ideas with our own ideas. We will think, read, and write critically; analyze, compare, and synthesis deeply, and walk away in June with a better understanding of our world and our place in it. 
We continue to align our goals with the Common Core Standards and will prepare to excel on both the NYS English Regents exam and the new Common Core English assessment. So come ready to contribute, to question, and  to learn!

English 11 Syllabus

            You will also be exploring your own talents as a writer. We will be writing stories, sketches, poetry and journals, among other modes of discourse; and, of course, we will be writing many essays in preparation for the English Regents exam. At Chenango Forks High School, we are offering the NYS Regents exam for all juniors in January. Therefore, after an intensive review and preparation unit given the weeks preceding the exam; all students are required to take the Regents exam in January. In June, all juniors will sit for the Common Core Regents exam. This is a new assessment aligned with the NYS Common Core P-12 Learning Standards. Students will be prepared to demonstrate proficiency in reading and writing tasks aligned with those standards. For more information please go to http://www.engageny.org/common-core-curriculum-assessments.


            Also, in eleventh grade English, because of the expansive nature of the Regents, we have a non-traditional final exam procedure. The final exam (5th) grade will be composed of the Regents exam grade (this year, the higher of the two test grades will be counted), a research paper grade, and a short comprehensive multiple choice exam covering material assigned throughout the year. If a student has an average of 90% or higher throughout the course; however, s/he may become exempt from the multiple choice test.   Specific details will be provided to you as we progress throughout the year.


            Our textbooks are designed with several excerpts from longer works and various short works which cover seven literary time periods. Other longer works will include:

The Crucible by Arthur Miller; Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury; The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

 Mandatory writing projects will include: Regents prep essays; Synthesis essays; Text analysis

Research papers: Two 3-4 page papers will be written and included in the final exam portfolio. Students will write both an expository and a persuasive paper. These skills are essential to improve writing skills, reading comprehension ability, and navigation techniques for research in the 21st century.  

Quarter grades will be tabulated on a point system; each quarter will consist of approximately 250-300 points (I reserve the right to give spot quizzes when needed). Students will have deadlines to meet for each assignment with no more than one week from the assigned date to hand in their work or make up a quiz or test. Any work handed in after the deadline will receive a five point deduction for each day the work is late; any work hand in after the week has expired will receive 0 points. Remedial is a great opportunity to come in to make up past assignments or receive assistance on projects or further prepare for exams. This American literature course is designed to examine the world around us through classic and contemporary works; therefore, participation is essential and extra credit will be awarded to those who exceed at class discussions, completed homework, and creativity in small group work.


            Five week reports will be sent home each quarter for all students. I would truly appreciate parental involvement in these cases so that we may assist the student in becoming more successful in the course.


Finally, welcome to the class. Please complete and sign the following information and return to me. Please feel free to contact me at 648-7544 if you have any questions.


Common Core English Regents-June 3rd

Art of War

The Art of War
In this unit, we will explore several works of art (literature, photographs, paintings, songs, etc…) that deal with the topic of war. As an adult in a democratic society, you are obligated to think about, make decisions about, and voice your opinions about conflict in America and those wars in other nations with which we are involved.
Therefore, throughout this unit, please try very hard to consider the message, the audience, who the sender is, and how the sender creates his/her message. Examine each piece you read, listen to, and view with a critical eye, because it is only through this critical lens that we can hope to come to some conclusion of how to deal with war as it exists (or will exist) in our lifetimes.
For the final assessment for this unit, you will be partnering with another student or 2 students, to create a PowerPoint or Animoto presentation of war writings, images, songs, etc… of modern views of war. You will be able to share and collaborate on your ideas through some devices and websites we will review together. Because these are group projects, and because you will need to do work outside of class in your contributions to the class discussion boards, you will earn a participation grade of 30 points. This is a large portion of your grade, so be active in your studies of this important life topic.
Preparation Questions for the Art of War project:
Answer these questions thoroughly and honestly in a note taking section of your iPad. Be ready to discuss your thoughts with your partner and with the whole class.
1. How do you define war and/or conflict?
2. What would make you stand up to support or protest war and conflict?
3. What is your personal stance on war and conflict?
4. What do you believe are the effects of war? (Think political, social, emotional, and physical costs).
5. What aspects of war interest you?
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