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12th Grade

English 12

Welcome to English 12! This is your culminating English course in which we will read, analyze, and discuss literature from around the world. It is your chance to become familiar with pivotal works of literature that are the basis of allusions to and foundations of modern works of art, music, film, and literature.


Text: Oedipus Cycle; Prentice Hall Literature, and a novel later in the spring. The Prentice Hall text is expensive—you will learn next year text books cost $100’s. You will be billed for lost or damaged books at end of the year.



1. Pens- In-class writing assignments should be written in pen. Essays worked on over several days should be typed when possible.


2. Literature notebookYou are seniors. Taking notes helps YOU! I can’t make you take notes, but students who do, usually perform better on tests than those who do not keep notes



3. Bring a willingness- to try new things, to learn, and to succeed in every

challenge given to you in the next year. 




Class format:

Class begins on time. If you are tardy, bring a pass. 




Come to class having read the assigned literary piece and having written a summary.   Class notes will be kept in this notebook as well—keep it organized! Often, I will allow students to use their notebook when taking QUIZZES, but always be prepared and take charge of your workload.

Due dates for projects and research deadlines remain and will not be changed.






Tests and projects will generally be out of 100-200 points. Homework will be between 1-20 pts depending on how much energy was necessary to complete the assignment. The final grade for the quarter is a ratio of points you earned divided by the points possible for the quarter. As seniors, we have fewer assignments than underclassmen, and therefore they count MORE! A missed or poorly done assignment can lead to devastation to your quarter and course averages!



Unit Projects:

Each quarter you will be assigned an independent project which you will research and then present to the class as a major portion of each quarter grade.


Research paper:

You are required to successfully complete several research projects during the year. The requirements for this will be posted later in the year.



As per the High School conduct and discipline policies


During this period, you will be asked to focus your attention on English. This is something that YOU are responsible for doing. You cannot be “made” to learn or to pay attention. In the work-place of your future, you will not be “made” to work. Now, school is your work! You must be independent learners now.



Plagiarism—don’t do it.



When you are absent or on a college visit, it is your responsibility to complete work as assigned. The teacher will make concessions if (and only if) you notify her prior to the class (that is BEFORE SHE STARTS CLASS) of problems in completing the work. It is in your best interest that worked missed be done in a reasonable amount of time. Let the teacher help create a workable schedule. Do not assume that you must take a zero for missed work—Graduation depends on this course. However, if you do not notify the teacher, she will presume that you are going to meet all deadlines as printed on the calendar/syllabus.



Late work:

I believe that work needs to be completed BEFORE class begins. As a class we will be discussing the material which was assigned for that day. If you have not completed the outside work, it is very difficult to participate intelligently in the class discussion.


A late “fee” of 10% of the total points for the assignment per school day may/will be applied to large projects which are submitted late. (ie: A 100 pt project which is 1 day late, but is at 100% quality receives a grade of 90%. A project which earned an 80%, but is late 3 days will receive a 50%).


Remedial Period

I will be available most remedial period to help re-explain an assignment, re-teach a concept, or to supervise your study time before exams. She will announce days that she is NOT available.  You may assume that she is available on all other days.


Final exam:

The final exam is 20% of your grade for the year. The final exam is a department exam is cumulative. If you are absent for this exam, a grade of zero will be given. The exact date and time of this exam will be announced in June. 


Some last words:

It is the teacher’s responsibility to prepare you for next year. Since she REALLY does not have a crystal ball, her general expectations for each of you steers the course assignments. It is hoped that as many of you go into colleges or jobs next year that your experiences in 12th grade English will foster new avenues of exploration. 

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