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5th Grade

Welcome to 5th Grade Classrooms

Reading & Writing
At the beginning of the year, we begin by reading nonfiction. We also read feature articles, short stories, biographies, and various fictional stories. For writing, we have four main writing projects. At the beginning of the year, students learn how to write a document-based essay. Then, we move on to write a personal memoir, persuasive letters, and we do a investigative report about invertebrates. The New York State ELA exam takes place in early to mid January.
Our year in math begins with a unit on place value. We then move into units addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers and decimals. Time is also spent on units about geometry & measurment, fractions, percents, & ratios, and probability.Several times each year, fifth grade classes have the chance to go to math lab where we can practice these skills with hands-on activities. On the useful links page, there are several websites which allow students to practice these skills at home or in the computer lab. The state math exam is given in March.
Several topics are covered for science during fifth grade. Students learn about the scientific method, plant and animal cells, the classification system for living things, invertebrates through a writing project, the solar system, weather & meteorology, and the human respiratory system. We also participate in a Weather Watch competition with help from high school students. Each fifth grade class competes by writing a forecast each day.
Social Studies
The year begins with a review of map and graph skills. We also review information about the Revolutionary War. We cover United States history through the Industrial Revolution by the end of the year. Students also study the regions of the country and do state reports. The New York State Social Studies Exam takes place in early November each year.

Welcome to 5th Grade Math!

Topic 1 - Rates and Unit - Rates
Topic 2 - Arithmetic Operations Including Division of Fractions
Topic 3 - Rational Numbers
Topic 4 - Expressions and Equations
Topic 5 - Area, Surface Area, and Volume Problems
Topic 6 - Statistics

5th Grade Staff

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