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Voice Recognition

6th Grade Social Studies

                                       Social Studies
Social Studies is the study of various aspects of human society.
In 6th grade, we are now going to get a richer, deeper understanding of the historical circumstances that created the world we know today. We will identify and define key Social Studies terms, as well as address major historical events that shaped the course of human history. Some topics we can look forward to exploring together include:
Geography / Topography / Key Social Studies Terms
Early Humankind / Civilizations
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Middle Ages 
Things to expect:
Newer, richer, and deeper understandings of culture
Focus on good academic practices
Assessments and comparisons of different histories
Cause and effect relationships throughout history
Geographical understanding of our planet 
Use of technology for interpreting materials
Creative freedom to complete certain tasks in ways that meet individual students interests and skill sets 
*Scan the image below using the "HP Reveal" application to see "This Day in History", brought to you by the History Channel 
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