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9th Grade News

10 Things Freshman Need to Know About High School But Are Afraid To Tell Their Parents

1. If you fail a course needed for graduation you either re-take that course in summer school or repeat the course the following year. 

2. To pass a course, your final average for that course must be at least a 65. 

3. You must have a final average of at least a 50 to be eligible for summer school. 

4. The following courses are offered in summer school; English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Health. The following courses are not; Band, Chorus, DDP, Art, and Foreign Language.

5. High school summer school is not the same as middle school summer school. High school summer school is needed to graduate in 4 years. Middle school summer school is designed to make you a better student for the next year. Don't confuse the two!

6. You need 5.5 credits to be on track to graduate with your classmates. 3.5 credits or less you are a 2nd year freshman. You need at least 22 credits in order to graduate.

7. If you want to improve failing grades you must use the remedial period wisely. 

8. You have to pass your Math and Science Regent examinations. These exams are needed in order to graduate. You must have your science labs completed to be eligible to take the Regents. If you are not Lab Certified, you will need to take the course the following year. 

9. Teachers don't fail students.  Students fail courses. If you do all of your work, you should pass. If you don't do your work, you will fail. Don't blame others for not doing your job!

10. Summer Vacation is only for kids in grades K-8. In grades 9-12 you earn summer vacation by doing your work during the regular school year.

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