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Chenango Forks High School
Mr. John Hillis, Principal
Phone: 607-648-7544

Chenango Forks High School offers a wide variety of courses that prepare students for post secondary education and employment. New requirements from the State Education Department mandate more rigorous courses and examinations. Our staff of talented and dedicated professionals is prepared to work with our students to assist them in achieving success and maintaining high expectations. To further assist students in benefiting from their instructional experience, we have Academic Intervention Services (AIS) in place for all core subject areas connected with state assessments. Students who have not passed state exams or are in jeopardy of not being successful receive additional help in AIS classes. We also have math labs, a Learning Support Center, and collaborative classes.

Our faculty members are becoming familiar with Literacy Leaders and Differentiated Instructional practices, and are developing multi-faceted lessons to more thoroughly address the learning modalities of all students. In addition to required courses, students may elect to take Advanced Placement or college credit courses in biology, chemistry, physics, English, public affairs, foreign language, European history, and others. Honors courses are offered in American history, economics, calculus, and business information technology. We offer a nice selection of electives which include some interesting courses: psychology, sociology, anatomy & physiology, geology, meteorology, various art course selections, business and technology, and family and consumer science. Our physical education program offers some unique electives such as mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, ropes course and many others.

Chenango Forks is a member of the Southern Tier Athletic Conference and traditionally has had success in interscholastic competitions. Participation in school athletics and extra curricular activities is strongly encouraged as a part of our educational philosophy to assist students in developing skills which will benefit them as they progress into the world of work. Our student body maintains a long standing tradition of support for school/community activities. Some of these include Student Council, various community service clubs, Drama Club, Yearbook, and several others. Grading: Numeric grades are used to evaluate student performance through multiple measures (tests, projects, quizzes, presentations, etc).

Teachers may assess effort and other related behaviors with comments on the quarterly report cards. In addition, they may also complete five-week reports in the middle of each quarter. These are mailed home to the student’s parent or guardian. As it is our desire to assist students in working to their fullest potential, we welcome communication between the home and school when a problem or concern occurs. We will do our best to schedule a conference or return a phone call as soon as possible in order to address the situation.
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