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Voice Recognition

Algebra Common Core Year 1 of 2


Katie Holden & Julie Young

[email protected]

Free Periods: 1st , 4th & 7th by request, and remedial

Objective: This course is designed to help prepare you for taking the Common Core Algebra regents exam in June 2018; a NYS graduation requirement. The course is aligned with NYS Common Core Curriculum and will cover new topics as well as a review of topics covered last year.

What do I need? You will be provided with a TI-84 graphing calculator that will remain in school, a textbook, and note packets for each unit (which will include guided class notes and homework assignments). You should come to class prepared with a pencil or pen, as well as your note packet. You might want to purchase a 3-ring binder to keep your packets together.

How will I be graded? Each quarter comprises of homework assignments (20%), quizzes (30%), participation (10%), and tests (40%). Homework will be given nearly every day, quizzes once or twice a unit (depending on length of unit), and tests at the end of each unit. Participation will be a weekly grade which will reflect each student’s effort in class whether it be answering problems, asking questions, or even coming in for extra help. This is category is meant to not only help students but help to foster communication in the classroom. Homework is expected to be completed daily but partial credit can be given for incomplete work/late work.

There will be four periodic benchmark exams that are worth 20% of your grade. These will not count in your quarterly grades; they are a separate grade for the entire year. Your overall grade for the class will be made up of the following:

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3     20 % each;                 80% total

Quarter 4

Average of 4 Benchmark Exams + 20%

                                                      -------- 100%

What is expected from me? It is expected that every day you enter the classroom you come with a positive outlook, something to write with, your homework complete, and any cellphones/electronics put away. In order to be successful this year it is important that you put forth 100% effort; begin with the end in mind!

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