The first day of school for students will be Monday, September 14, 2020.
The November and March Conference Days will be rescheduled. 

To view the Chenango Forks CSD Reopening Plan, click HERE.
Please understand that this plan is contingent upon the latest regulations and is subject to change. 

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Archived FAQs

Today was the date scheduled for picking up items ordered for graduation. Is this still happening? 
No, the orders have arrived but the pick-up has been postponed to a later date to be determined. (March 23) 

Why did the District close?
The District closed due to a state of emergency declaration from the Broome County Executive. 

When will the District re-open?
At this time, Broome County public schools are scheduled to re-open April 14.  However, please understand that this is a very fluid situation and the re-opening date may change. Our top priority will always be the health and safety of our staff and students.

Will the District continue to teach students?
Yes.  Online learning materials for all grade levels are now available. Click here for more information.  
How does this affect my child getting a report card?
The most accurate report card will be issued to each student.

Will my child be able to graduate on time?  He is a senior.
Yes, per NYSED regulations.

Will my child have to go to school in July?  We have plans.
My sister's district is doing this for food distribution. They are still sending their buses out as usual but with food in them for families. Maybe can we do this?
At this time, CF is not sending out any buses. More communication about distribution of food will be coming out soon.

How do we pick up our kids' schoolwork and personal items?  
Tuesday and Wednesday, the buildings will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. for children to pick up their personal belongings. Parents will be allowed into the buildings with students.  Schoolwork is going to be available online. Families with limited access to internet and devices will be communicated with on an individual basis.

How does this work for my child with an IEP in Middle School?
Special Education providers will be reaching out to each of the students in their caseload to offer individualized plans.

Will the schools be required to give NYS exams?
Per NYSED, all NYS exams on the calendar after the 30 days are still scheduled.
What does the school closing mean for the kids going to BOCES?  They are required to meet a certain amount of hours. As a senior, what are my daughter's options?
We will inform you as soon as we receive communication from BOCES.
When will the Google Drive folders be complete, and how much time each day should we spend on work, since I will still be working full-time?
Folders should be updated by 3 p.m. on March 16 and will continue to be updated by teachers throughout the duration of our closing.  Families will need to use their own discretion in regards to time spent on school work.

What items should we be picking up from our child's classroom?  Is this the end of the year clean-out, or just what we need for now?  
Students only need to pick up personal items that they need during the closing, such as boots, coats, etc., or any school items that will help them in completing their schoolwork.  This is not an end of the year clean-out.

I am not sure which teacher to ask, but I would like an access code to allow me to use the online tool for grades and assignments.  
To receive an access code, email one of your teachers. You do not need a different code for each course you are taking.  Teacher emails can be found here.   
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