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Voice Recognition

Geometry Common Core


Katie Holden

[email protected]

Free Periods: 1st , 4th & 7th by request, and remedial

Objective: This course is designed to help prepare you for taking the Common Core Geometry regents exam in June. The course is aligned with NYS Common Core Curriculum.

What do I need? You will be provided with a textbook, a TI-84 graphing calculator that will remain in school, a compass, and note packets for each unit, which will include guided class notes and homework assignments. You should come to class prepared with a pencil or pen as well as your note packet. A 3 ring binder might be helpful to keep your note packets together.

How will I be graded? Each quarter comprises of homework assignments (20%), quizzes (30%), and tests (50%). Homework will be given nearly every day, quizzes once or twice a unit (depending on length of unit), and tests at the end of each unit. Homework is expected to be completed on a daily basis; however, partial credit will be accepted.

There will be three benchmark exams that are worth 20% of your overall grade. These will not count in your quarterly grades; they are a separate grade for the entire year. Your overall grade for the class will be made up of the following:

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3        20 % each;                        80%

Quarter 4

Average of 3 Benchmark Exams + Regents Exam

                                                               + 20%

What is expected from me? It is expected that every day you enter the classroom you come with a positive outlook, something to write with, your homework complete, and any cellphones/electronics put away. In order to be successful this year it is important that you put forth 100% effort; begin with the end in mind!

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