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Welcome to the Guidance Department

In the Middle School Guidance Department our goal is to help each student achieve success academically, socially, and personally. From career skills programs, study skills programs, and parent/student orientations, we strive to work closely with parents, teachers, administrators and the community to achieve this goal.

Reporting to Parents
Marking Periods 2018-2019 School Year

Report Cards are distributed every ten weeks. Five Week interim reports are sent home between reporting periods to indicate student progress. Check Parent Portal/Student Portal once a week for updates. (Contact the Middle School Guidance office if you misplace or lose your password access code for Parent Portal.)
Progress Reports (Expect Progress Reports to go home with students the following Thursday)
5 weeks     October 5, 2018
15 weeks    December 14, 2018
25 weeks    March 1, 2019
35 weeks    May 17, 2019
Report Cards (Expect Report Cards approximately one week later)
10 weeks    November 9, 2018
20 weeks    January 25, 2019
30 weeks    April 5, 2019
40 weeks    June 26, 2019 ( Final Report Cards will be mailed home) 
2018-2019 New York State Testing Dates 
English Language Arts - Grades 6-8 - Tuesday, April 2 - Thursday , April  4th
Math - Grades 6-8 - Wednesday, May 1st - Friday May 3rd
Science Lab - Grade 8 - Wednesday, May 22nd - Friday, May 31st
Science Written - Grade 8 - Monday, June 3rd
MS Guidance Plan
"Using the Internet or other mobile devices to send or post harmful or cruel text or images to bully others."
- Nancy Willard, Director, Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use 
Examples of Cyber-Bullying:
- Sending cruel or threatening messages
- Creating websites that have stories, cartoons, pictures and jokes ridiculing others
- Posting pictures of classmates online and asking others to rate them 
- Breaking into an e-mail account and sending vicious and embarrassing material to others
- Engaging someone in IM and tricking that person into revealing sensitive info, and forwarding it to others
- Taking a picture of a person using a digital phone camera and sending that picture to others
Find out more about preventing and reporting cyber-bullying at the website of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
PowerSchool Parent Portal 
Before you sign in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal, you will need your Access ID and Access Password.  (You can attain this information from the Middle School Guidance Office).  Power Portal is easy to use, accessible from any computer or device (I-Pad for example) connected to the internet and will allow you to take a more active role in your child's education.  If you already have an account from a previous year, please continue using it again this year.  If you have an additional child in grades 6-12, simply add them to your account.
Power Portal offers parents and students real-time access to grades, attendance, homework assignments and class information.  You can e-mail teachers and view other information. 
To enter the Power Portal program:
  • Log into the Chenango Forks Power Portal website at htpps://  A link is also provided on the Parent Portal page of the cforks website.
  • The first time you log into the Power Portal you will create your own username and password.To do this click on the Create Account, then follow the prompts to create a username and password.  The password must contain at least 6 characters.  An email address is required, in case you forget your username or password.  You will be asked for the following:  Name, Access ID and Access Password for each of your children in grades 6-12.  Be sure to include your relationship to the child. 
  • To add additional children choose the Preferences tab on the left navigation bar, then select ":New".
 Power Portal is a great communication tool, but please remember any questions you have can best be answered by contacting your child's teachers, guidance counselor or administrators.  Please note that teachers will post grades on different schedules, some may post them immediately while others may update them less frequently.  Please use the information  to have conversations with your child and encourage him/her to monitor their progress with their own user account.
On the log-in page you will find links to set up directions, frequently asked questions and an acceptable use policy.
Once you're inside the Power Portal you have access to a variey of information at the click of a button.  You will be able to view:
  • Grades and Attendance
  • Grade History
  • Attendance History
  • Teacher Comments
  • Class Registration
  • My Calendars (shows when various work/tests were given)
  • School Messenger (phone, text, e-mail alert notification options)
Contact Us
MS Guidance Office Secretary
Laura Smyder
648-7576 , option 2-4-1 
School Counselor
Katherine Auchinachie 
648-7576, option 2-4-3
Parental involvement is vital to the success of your child.  Here is some information to make sure your child is as successful as possible.  As a parent, what is important to emphasize with your child?
  •  Attitude - Make sure your child understands that hard work pays off.  It's important to come to school with a positive attitude, ready to learn.
  • Attendance  - It's hard to do your best and stay focused when you're missing classes.  Students should come to school every day unless they are really sick.
  • Achievement - Help your child set realistic goals at the beginning of each marking period.  Goals should be specific and measurable so students can track their progress.  Talk to your child often to check on their progress by using the parent/student portal, and praise them for their achievements.  Be positive and focus on strengths.  Don't waste energy dwelling on negatives.
  • Be consistent in setting a study time, and then stick with it.  Insist on one hour of homework each night. If there is no homework assigned: encourage quiet reading, practicing an instrument, working on an upcoming project or reviewing notes for an upcoming test or quiz.
  • Become familiar with your child's school agenda and make sure they are using it.  The agenda helps students know what's expected in all their classes each day. 
  • Use the parent portal once a week to keep updated on your student's progress.  If you have any questions, make sure you contact their teachers.  If a student forgets something at school, the building is open until 8PM most nights, so you can come and pick it up.
  • Work with your child on a calendar.  Find out when assignments, tests, and projects are due. Write down when the marking period ends. This will be a good time to go over your child's academic goals and review progress.
  • Provide a place to study that is away from distractions, quiet and kid-free.  Make sure they have whatever supplies they need to do their work.
  • Prepare for school the night before.  Put everything needed for the next day in a backpack.  Make sure your child gets enough sleep - 9 hours is recommended for children this age. 
  • Don't plan on too much for the morning.  Shower, dress, eat and go.

The best thing you can do to support your child is to be involved.  Take the time to talk and listen!


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