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Health & Physical Education

Welcome to the Physical Education Department

20 weeks - 1/2 HS credit 
Grade Levels: 10,11,12
This course is designed to offer our students an elective that goes beyond the basic physical education courses. This activity will provide our students with the opportunity to improve self-esteem, self-concept, incorporate technology with fitness, and expose them to lifelong activities for weight training and fitness. Class activities will include strength training, agilities, plyometrics, flexibility, coordination, balance, and safety awareness. Students will be assessed on a daily rubric. Assessment will also include, but not be limited to, journals, exercise logs, and workout design and implementation. 

20 weeks - 1/2 HS credit 
Grade Levels: 9,10,11,12
Health is a required course for graduation emphasizing physical, intellectual, emotional, and social health. Life skills will be taught that will help students make knowledgeable decisions and communicate effectively.  This course will provide students important information about nutrition, fitness, stress, mental health, suicide, death & dying, drugs & alcohol, relationships, human sexuality, parenting, first aid and consumer safety and other current topics in health and wellness. The students will be introduced to a variety of community resources that help individuals manage their personal health.

1/2 HS credit per year
Grade Levels: 9, 10, 11, 12
All students in Grades 9-12 must take and successfully complete Physical Education each year. Successful completion of this annual requirement in 9-12 is based on attendance, preparation, participation and attitude. All courses will receive a numerical grade based on a 100 point scale. Emphasis is placed on learning intermediate and advanced skills related to both individual and team sport activities, as well as becoming proficient at these activities.

Chenango Forks Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of the total education program.  As such it must seek to contribute to the overall goals of the educational program of which it is a part.  It contributes to the development of the individual through the natural medium of physical activity-human moment.  It must be a carefully planned sequence of learning experiences designed to fulfill the growth, development and behavior needs of each student.

The PE experience should be a positive motivational force that will lead the individual to develop a lifestyle that includes physical activity.

PE Expectations


Health & Phys Ed Dept. Staff

Physical Education Teacher - High School
Home & Career/Health Teacher - High School
Physical Education Teacher - High School

Physical Education Grading Rubric

Students will have the opportunity to earn 7 points daily. These 7 points will be based on 4 content areas which are attendance, participation, preparation, and attitude.  If a class is missed students will receive a zero for that day until the class is made up at which point students will be able to receive the full 7 points. Student averages will be based on total number of points earned divided by total possible points. Students will have until the end of the marking period (10 weeks) to make up missed classes. 


Here are the standards for Fitnessgram testing. 

AHA Heartsaver CPR AED

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