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Voice Recognition

Math in the Real World


Katie Holden & Julie Young

[email protected]

Free Periods: 1st , 4th & 7th by request, and remedial

This course is designed to prepare students for life after high school- whether it is a college or career path. Students will also fulfill their 3rd credit for math; a graduation requirement. The topics of the course are included but not limited to: job/career requirements and income potentials, finding apartments/renters insurance, researching cars as well as insurance and loans, financing and researching various loans such as educational and personal, budgeting for the short term as well as long term, banking skills including checking/savings/transactions, credit card applications and interest rates as well as finance charges, comparison shopping for groceries as well as personal items, income tax and filling out a w2 as well as filing tax returns, basic trigonometry, metric vs. English conversions, etc.

This course will also focus on guest speakers who specialize in various career fields pertinent to the topic of study. Much of the course will be project-based learning where students will acquire more math independence and confidence.

Grades will be calculated based on projects (25%), quizzes (20%), participation (10%), in class assignments (20%), and occasional tests (25%). Our goal is to not assign homework on the understanding that students take class time seriously and utilize their time wisely. As this course is designed to introduce students to life after high school, it is important that they act as responsible, mature, dedicated young adults.

What is expected from me? It is expected that every day you enter the classroom you come with a positive outlook, something to write with, and any cellphones/electronics put away. In order to be successful this year it is important that you put forth 100% effort; begin with the end in mind!

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