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Mrs. Tio

Math 8

Current topic---we are going to warm up our brains with a review of the operations with integers. 
   Parents: please access SchoolTool weekly for your child's respective grades for each of the assignments.
   To access class expectations, click on "expectations".


Expect work to be completed independently 3-4 times each full week of school.  If your child needs help with the work, please have your child schedule a remedial.


Please remember to hand in the work that was due on the day you were absent. You may also need to copy any notes given on the day of your absence, then make up the work. You will have a day or two to complete the work for which you were absent. It would be to your greatest advantage to plan on staying for a couple of remedial sessions to make up the work from all subject areas. Quite often, your teachers want to see you in remedial to get you caught up. Make the appropriate arrangements with your teachers and your family to stay in remedial.

Math 8 On-line

There are numerous sites that provide additional practice for any level of math.  In fact, a lot of kids will already know which ones they like.  Khan Academy is fairly well-known with tutorials and individualized practice if you create your own account. Try it for yourself and see if you like it! 

Integrated Algebra On-line

Besides the notes and examples we will do together in class, there are many other resources on-line that you may find beneficial in reinforcing our lessons and getting even more practice.  Khan Academy has been one that appears to be well-known to a lot of students.  The link below is another one that I may mention throughout the year that you may want to try from time-to-time. 

What to remember about grades!

You have the potential to earn full credit for an assignment if your work is done on the due date. You will only earn partial credit for work completed within a week of the due date.

Homework assignments

There is a classroom agenda board that posts daily assignments and upcoming quizzes/tests. Each student is expected to record the assignments in their own school-issued agendas. Work may be requested for absent students by calling the main office. At this time, assignments will not be posted on this website daily and students must record the assignment from the class room posting.  Try to have a classmate's phone number handy in case you are absent and want to know what we did during your absence.


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