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Automated Phone Calls

Automated Phone Calls
CF uses SchoolMessenger  to create notifications for closing/delays, general announcements and for student absences. The information is pulled from Power School, our student management system.
Parents can set preferences in the Parent Power Portal for SchoolMessenger for Phone, SMS (text), and e-mails. Click on the SchoolMessenger button on the bottom of the left-hand navigation. If any phone numbers are incorrect please contact the building office to correct. 
School Messenger preferences -

Non-School Hours Emergency- used for calling school cancellations and delays, by default uses student's home phone - “PHONE 1".

School Hours Emergency-used for an emergency during the day, all listed home, cell and work phones are called "Phone 2- Phone 10"

Attendance-used for calls if the school has not been notified of the student's absence in advance.

General- used for nighttime calls providing information to parents. By default calls the student's "Home" “PHONE 1".

Survey- this function we currently do not use.

E-Mail and SMS (Text) - by checking the "Override" button an e-mail or cell phone can be entered. Types of notification can be check or unchecked.
   *To Opt-In for SMS (text) alerts- Text Yes to 67587
To avoid Attendance calls parents can contact the attendance office in advance:
Parents can e-mail the attendance office:
1 Gordon Drive Binghamton, NY 13901  •  Phone: 607.648.7543  •  Fax: 607.648.7560
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