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Research Guide

Research Guide

Big 6 Research Guide
Step 1- Task Definition

Define the Problem or research that needs to be done (Restate the assignment in your own words).


Identify the Information you need


Step 2- Information Seeking Strategies

What resources can I use? For example - library catalog for books, online databases for articles, encyclopedias, internet, etc.


Brainstorm a list of keywords to search for your topic. Be prepared to broaden or refine your search terms based on your results. 


Step 3- Location and Access

Locate sources (physically and intellectually)

Find information within sources. Change search terms as necessary.

Evaluate credibility of source. Is it reliable? Valid? Bias information?


Step 4- Use of Information

Engage - skim, read, re-read, listen, view

Extract relevant information - take notes

Step 5- Synthesis

Organize information from multiple sources. Should I use note cards? An outline? Rough draft?

Do I see a pattern emerging in the information I collected? Have I gathered enough information?

How can I organize the information so that it makes sense to others?

How will I present the information?

Include a bibliography or list of your sources.

Step 6- Evaluation

Judge the product (effectiveness)


Did you do and include everything that was required of your task? Did you meet the guidelines of your teacher's rubric? Did you give credit to all of your sources?

Judge the process (efficiency)


What skills did you learn that you can use again? Which information sources were most useful?What information sources did you need but could not find?What would you do differently next time you do research?


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