Academic Eligibility


We believe that athletics and academics are inseparable. The concepts of individual responsibility, self-improvement, facing challenges, overcoming adversity, competing, preparing, functioning as a member of a group, emotionally supporting others, and having a sound mind and body are promoted, reinforced, and enhanced in our classrooms and our extra-curricular programs. Our procedure toward eligibility for participation or competition in athletic programs reflects a way to encourage students’ overall success and recognizes students who are making an effort to achieve and properly represent the school and themselves.

  1. Academic eligibility rules apply during the respective sports season.

  2. At five-week intervals students will be issued academic reports; progress reports at the five-week mark and report cards at the ten-week mark.

  3. Based on one of the reports above, if a student athlete is failing two subjects, the student athlete will be placed on Level One for a minimum of five weeks. Student athletes will be required to attend a remedial period four days (Monday-Thursday) a week. Attendance alone will not satisfy this requirement. The student athletes will be expected to be active participants in remedial and be productive during this time period.

  4. Students who do not fulfill their obligatory requirements for Level One will be moved to Level Two. In addition to attending remedial 4 days per week, student athletes on Level Two will be ineligible for competition. Attendance and participation at practices will be at the discretion of the coach.

  5. Students on Level Two will be re-evaluated after two weeks. If the student athlete is found to be back in compliance with the provisions of Level One, the student athlete will be allowed to return to full participation. If it is found that the student is not back in compliance, then his/her ineligibility will continue for another two weeks.

  6. Student athletes that fail either two fourth quarter classes or two classes for the year will begin the fall sports season on Level One for a minimum of five weeks. This also applies to sixth grade students who will be playing modified sports in seventh grade.

  7. Under extenuating circumstances, the principals, in conjunction with the athletic director, will make the final determination of a student athlete’s eligibility.