2022 Board of Education Candidate Bios

The Chenango Forks Central School District Board of Education has one seat open for a five-year term commencing July 1, 2022 and ending on June 30, 2027. You can learn more about the candidates by reading their bios below.

Spyros Dimatos

Jon Scofield

Hello Chenango Forks! My name is Jon Scofield, and I’m honored to be running for a seat on the Board of Education. I’ve been a part of the Forks community since my family moved into the district in 2015, and I have loved every minute of it. I currently have three children who attend school in the district (Elias – 6th grade, Samuel – 4th grade and Molly – 2nd grade) and my wife is a CF graduate herself. Our experiences with Chenango Forks School District, as well as the community as whole, have been nothing short of phenomenal and that is one of the main reasons that I am running for the Board of Education. The genuine care for the students and passion for education that I have seen from the teachers, administrators, and other board members is unlike anything I could ever imagine. In my experience coaching youth baseball and football, I have had the privilege of getting to know the amazing people that make up this community, and I look forward to being an advocate for them.

 My qualifications include a degree in Elementary Education, a minor in Family Studies, and a Masters in Business Administration. I’ve worked in the public school system as a teacher, the private education system as an administrator, as well as 8 years in Finance and Business Management at Lockheed Martin. In 2017 I resigned from Lockheed Martin to pursue a career in full-time pastoral ministry, and I currently serve as the Operations Pastor at New Life Ministries in Endicott.

 I am running for this position because I love this community and this school district, and I stand behind the emphasis that Chenango Forks puts on excellence. I believe that this district continues to raise the bar for the public school system, and I would like to be a part of that. I promise that if I’m elected, my first priority will be to make sure that students, teachers, and families voices are heard and spoken for.

 I would love your vote and your endorsement.

 See you at the polls on May 17th!

Spyros Dimatos

Spyros Dimatos

I started my education at Chenango Forks in the John Harshaw way back in 1976.  It’s incredible to think that many decades later, my ties to CF are just as strong as they were in kindergarten.  Although my family left the district for a few years, we returned, and I graduated – with over 200 others – in the CF class of 1989.

My wife of 30 years and I have been living in our home at 1206 River Road for our entire married lives.  We have 3 children. Nick, a 2017 CF graduate, is currently a second-year law student at Albany Law. Alexandra, a 2018 CF graduate, will be an RN when she graduates from SUNY Brockport on May 13th.  And Daisy, who is the CF junior class president, will graduate next year in the class of 2023.

My family’s business is the Spot Restaurant on Front Street.  For decades, my business has contributed to our community, not only providing a service but also donating everything from food to gift certificates to help local organizations and the school.  

I understand the unique culture of Chenango Forks – which can take decades to truly understand.  We really are something special at CF, and my blood is blue.

I have participated in many events, fundraisers, and helped organize trips.  I have been a chaperone for various school events, including trips to Quebec and the past 16 or 17 Junior/Senior Proms.  I’m also the guy who drives to Clarks Summit to pick up the Krispy Kreme Donuts at 5 AM so fundraising students can start delivering them to their customers before school starts.  In addition, I have spent many hours in the box above the turf, running the scoreboard or changing the graphics. 

As many people know, I was previously on the CF Board of Education.  (In fact, some people think that I still am!)  But, for the past year, I have not been a member of the BOE.  I hope that this changes in May, because I bring experience!  I bring the experience of already knowing how a School Board is supposed to operate.  I know Education Law, education finance and I know how schools work. 

Some of my friends have asked me, “Why?  Why are you running?  Your kids are almost done!  You don’t need the stress and headaches.”  The reason is simple:  I have lived in CF almost my entire life.  My kids grew up here, and they know that Forks Nation is the best place to live and raise a family.  I’m running to make sure that everyone can have the CF experience.  I’m running so my kids have a great place to raise my grandchildren. 

I bring the experience of previously being elected in 2011 -- right after CF laid off over 40 staff.  My children and many others were victims of the unnecessary draconian and ill-conceived cuts that were made to our programs.  When I was first elected to the BOE, I came into a district with a school that was “In Need of Improvement”, an aging and inadequate bus fleet, and crowded classrooms.  During my years on the BOE, our District became host to a federally-recognized Blue Ribbon School.  We upgraded to a Propane bus fleet which saves us hundreds of thousands of dollars compared the old diesel busses.  We restored previously-cut programs and brought class loads to a manageable level.  In my tenure as a Board member, I fought for and succeeded in restoring programs.  

When I am elected, I will fight for responsible spending!  I will fight to make sure that the gutting of our teachers and our programs never happens again.   

No one is more qualified in this election.  Please vote for me.  

Thank you,

Spyros Dimatos