Route Information

All routes are designed to follow New York State Guidelines for Public School Transportation. The following two basic guidelines are used to create routes.

1. Capacity: All buses have a manufacturer's designed seating capacity. According to state guidelines, each bus needs to assign students so that it meets at least 80% of buses capacity.
2. Travel Time: The guidelines also state that each school district should make every effort to keep the non-stop, continuous travel times of any one student to no more then one hour. This does not include the time needed for loading and unloading students.

In addition to the state guidelines, we make every effort is insure that all elementary students have assigned seating.

1. Our goal is to have the younger children assigned to the front of the bus.
2.The remaining seats are assigned in age order, so that the further you go back in the bus the older the students are.
3.There are exceptions to this rule, when requested younger students are permitted to sit with older siblings and neighbors.

If you need bus route numbers and estimated pick-up or drop-off times for your child's route, please contact your child's school main office or transportation dispatch at 607-648-7573. We do not provide access to information regarding our bus routes, numbers, location or times to the general public.