School Closings

Weather Related School Closings

School closing are primarily determined in early morning of the school day. The Superintendent and Transportation Director determine if school should be delayed or closed. This decision is based on the information collected from Broome and Chenango Counties, the local Highway Departments, and Emergency Services and by physically traveling our district roads. Our district covers a large area spanning over 55 square miles. We have on occasion had severe weather that impacts only a portion of the district.

All school delay and/or closing information will be provided to local TV and radio stations, and will be posted on the schools website. We make every effort possible to get this information to the stations as early as we can, usually prior to the 6:00 am broadcasts. 

Using a system called School Messenger calls are made to all home phone numbers. Data is pulled from our student management system. The displayed number is 607-648-7543. If your phone has blocked numbers we recommend that you unblock that number.

Emergency Closings

During the School Day 
When there is an situation that warrants an emergency closure of school after the day has begun, information will be provided to the public as soon as the emergency allows.

Parents will be notified through School Messenger using all contact numbers stored in our student management system. 

(Note- for early morning closings and delays only the "home" phone number is used.  For daytime emergencies all numbers will be called.) 

Other Closings
Information can be found on the District Calendar for Superintendent's Conference Days, recesses and other districtwide closings. Building-specific closings such as scheduled half-days and Regents testing days can be found on the building calendars.