Student Assistant Program members sit at table

We are excited to welcome some new employees to our staff: our student assistants/helpers! We've implemented a brand-new Student Assistant Program that is an onsite, part-time, work-based learning opportunity to help keep our buildings clean. Our student assistants had their new employee orientation this week and will begin their new jobs next week to start earning paychecks.

This week, our Student Assistants met with our Benefits Assistant Donna Starr to fill out their I-9 forms and learn about the New York State Retirement System and Taxes. They participated in a training and learned how to clock into their shift and were shown the jobs they would be doing on a nightly basis. Thank you to Rick Borchardt, Kathleen Quaranta, John Silvanic and Donna Starr for their part in the orientation. The goal is to eventually expand this program to other areas in our district.