three picture collage of drawings of a horse, a mallard duck, and a turkey

Dozens of students from our middle and high school have been chosen for publication in the CelebratingArt Contest, a national competition held twice a year.
Artwork from 11 of Lindsay Doolittle’s high school students (featured in the collage below) have been chosen: John Cadden, Bennett Howell, Kendelle Carasea, Kate Fehrer, Aiden Argento, Marissa Giovenco, Abby Taylor, Da’Shaun Aldrich, Ava Brown, Nelya Kovalchuk and Deminica Richard.


 Also in the high school, Mr. Rosko also has 7 students who also made the contest: Molly Clarke, Bennett Howell, Nelya Kovalchuk, Rachel Molstead, Gianna Rullo, Virgil Sehn and Sophia Shepard. 
And in the Middle School, 15 of Ms. Russell's students (featured in the photo below) were picked: Lindsey Campbell, Carter Fassett, Grace Harkness, Reaghan Hughes, Davis Hull, Jaxon Krupp, Carly Kurcin, Abbigail May, Rachel McGowan, Melanie Robinson, AJ Rullo, Evan Truesdale, Garrett Vail, Brady Vaseleck and Brayden Wildey.

 We certainly have some talented artists in our district. Congratulations, all!