We are excited to announce that we have chosen Upstate Images as our official senior photographer for the class of 2023.

The Upstate Images photographers will be at the high school auditorium on June 21-22 to schedule senior portraits with current high school juniors.

 For consistency of the background and dress requirements, a portrait sitting should be scheduled to be included in your senior yearbook. These sittings can be free of charge if you choose to only take the required yearbook poses. Early September deadlines must be met to be included in the yearbook; please have your portrait taken as soon as possible.  

To schedule an appointment, click here or call our office at 855-773-3321. If you are unable to schedule an appointment at this time, you have the option of going to their studio over the summer instead.

If you have any questions, contact Upstate Images at 855-773-3321 or Mandy Black at blackm@cforks.org.

Please note: While Upstate will take high quality photos using a convenient system, you are NOT obligated to use Upstate as your photographer. You may choose any photographer of your choice if the yearbook photo submitted meets the specifications and the photographer gives CF a photo release to use the photo in the yearbook.