Returning Forks Grads

It might have been a typical Wednesday for most at Chenango Forks High School, however two Forks Alum and one Owego grad, found themselves in the classroom of Keith Rosko for the 'Return of the Graduates'. 

Organized by the Art Department, the event was open for any student to attend, and learn more about the reality of college life. 

Surrounded by curious high schoolers ranging from juniors to seniors, current university attendees Cassidy Nowik, Macie Cunningham, and Anna Hillis shared their experiences of leaving home in the Southern Tier and adjusting to life in their new (college) towns. 

Topics ranged from roommates to meal plans, switching majors, how they found their schools and even how to transfer to a new one. 

Nowik and Cunningham are not from the same district but found friendship at St. Lawarence University. Both discussed their love for the physical beauty of the campus as well as the many activities the college has to offer. Their advice to incoming freshman is time management and utilize the best of unlimited meal swipes.

With many of the positive attribute to their campus, Nowik was able to share that not all college experiences are perfect, especially when it comes to roommates. Some advice they give; 'it doesn't always work out'. 

Cunningham, who graduated from Owego Free Academy, added that incoming students should keep an open mind, and an open door. "It might be weird" she said, "but it's a great way to meet new people". 

Hillis, another graduate, was candid about her own experience with colleges. After leaving Chenango Forks, Hillis attended the University of New Hampshire, which she descried as 'crunchy'. 

"Lots of the paths leading to different classes are actually on nature paths" she said. Unfortunately, after a half of a year, Hillis had to leave the campus. She transferred home to SUNY Broome where she is currently continuing her education. 

She said the transition from one college to the next was seamless for her. The advice she gives? "If you are from a small town and do not want anything larger than a small-town feel. head to a smaller school". Hillis adds that she is happy to be back home.