Tom Dockstader

Over 23 years ago Tom Dockstader getting ready to retire from his career, looking forward to the natural joys post-work can bring, instead, he said, "it was boring". 

So, in 1997, Dockstader decided to apply for a part-time job with the Chenango Forks Transportation Department driving a school bus. 

He began his duties with driving students to sporting events and field trips, however after six months, another position within the department opened up. 

Dockstader said originally, he never really wanted to drive a school bus with a route (house to house, day-to-day) but thought he would give it a try anyway. 

That decision, he said was one of the best he has made. For 23 years, Dockstader has driven about the same route picking up Chenango Forks students. Not only keeping them safe on their journey to and from school but building relationships with their families as well. 

Dockstader said this route, in his opinion is one of the best in the district, and he wouldn't change a thing. 

Outside of the yellow bus, Dockstader finds himself in a different kind of driver's seat, one with a Corvette insignia on it. He spends his days now as the President of the BC Corvette Club and frequents events in and around the county. 

Dockstader said he also enjoys a good game of trivia at Mcgirk's on Tuesday nights. Above all, he said he loves to spend time with family and in the outdoors. 

Dockstader was presented with an award earlier this week commemorating and thanking him for his years of service with CFCSD!